Plans & Pricing

We offer transparent pricing. You pay a one time set up fee and an annual administration fee.

Defined Benefit or Cash Balance Plan

One-Time Set Up
✓ Initial Planning Call
✓ Quick & Easy Setup
  • * Plus $600 onboarding fee (includes spouse)
  • * Owner only plan. For group plans, see fee table below.
Annual Administration
✓ Annual Planning Calls
✓ All Actuarial Included
  • * Plus $240 owner participant fee (add’l $150 for spouse)
  • * Owner only plan. For group plans, see fee table below.

401(k) Plan (Owner Only)

One-Time Set Up
✓ Initial Planning Call
✓ Quick & Easy Setup
  • * Additional $150 for Spouse
  • * Mega Backdoor Roth
  • * Self-Directed
Annual Administration
✓ Annual Planning Calls
✓ Mega Backdoor Roth
  • * Additional $150 for Spouse
  • * DB Plan Cross Testing
  • * All Reporting

Other Services and Fees (as applicable)

Group Plan (any DB plan that has non-owner participants):
Plan Set Up:$1,890
Base Annual Administration Fee:$3,000
Participant Fee:$200
Periodic and Special Services (that may be required):
Annual PBGC Premium Calculation and Form Preparation:$500 per year
Calculation of Required Minimum Distributions and Preparation of Form:$300 each
Distribution Calculations:$150 each
Plan Restatements:Starting at $500 each
Process Benefit Payment Directives (if applicable):$150 each
IRS Form 5500:
Amended or Additional Form 5500:$290
Electronic Filing on Behalf of Plan Sponsor:Free
Electronic Filing of Amended Return:Free
Additional Services available upon request:
110% Current Liability Calculation for Restricted Employees:$500
Actuarial Consulting (one hour minimum):$250 per hour
Additional Services will be billed at the time the service is requested:$200 per hour
ASC 715 (FASB 87/132/158) Report:$2,000 per request
Calculate 415 limits (1-2 participants):$300
Data Scrubbing:$300 per request
Discretionary or Corrective Plan Amendments:$500
Freeze Amendment and Employee Notice:$500
IRS Audit – prepare audit package:$550
Perform Contribution Estimate:$200
Perform Estimated Testing:$650
Plan Termination Services:Call for Quote
PPA Benefit Restriction Notice:$250
Prepare Form 10:$250
Preparing Form 5330 Funding Deficiency:$500
QDRO calculation of benefits:$600
QDRO Review:$200 per request
Responding to EBSA Requests:$150
Revised administration for incorrect data or trust:$1,800
Trust Accounting:$350 per account

All plans include the following (as applicable):

  • Planning Consultation
  • Custodian Coordination
  • Schedule SB
  • Plan Documents
  • Summary Annual Report
  • Form 5500
  • Contribution Calculation
  • Actuarial Report
  • Trust Accounting
  • Annual Planning Calls
  • Participant Statements
  • AFTAP Certification

Defined Benefit Plan Fee Schedule

How to determine plan pricing:

  • Make sure a define benefit plan is right for you. This is an important decision, so make sure that a DB or cash balance plan is something you can commit to.
  • Add a 401k plan with profit sharing. You may already have a solo 401k plan. If not, it might make sense to add one.
  • Decide on plan customizations. You might want to add your spouse or include prior year service. We can help you make the right decision.
  • Consider annual administration fees. Administration fees will typically include actuary cost and can add up quickly. Make sure you defined these fees upfront.
  • Make sure fees are documented. The fee schedule should be defined in the engagement letter. Be carefully if they are not clearly documented.
*For plans with more than 10 employees or with insurance, please contact us for pricing. Control group and additional consulting and structuring fees may apply. Prices reflect minimum amounts and higher rates can apply depending on situation.*