Our Plans are the #1 Tax Deferral Strategy

Many of our clients cut their tax bill in half. At Emparion, we specialize in efficient tax planning and retirement structuring.

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The #1 Tax Planning Strategy

Average contributions over $100,000 with flexible design

Our plans are structured for maximum contributions, but also provide a flexible funding range. Each plan is customized to meet your specific situation.

Custom designed for your business

Maximum owner contributions with high contribution limits

FREE plan illustrations with tax savings

Maximum Retirement Contributions

The #1 Strategy for Turbo Charging Your Retirement Savings

Cash balance plans and defined benefit plans have been around for decades. But few people know about them. We make it easy for you to set up a plan.

Creative design with unique plan options

Minimizing risk and maximizing tax benefits

Flexible structures for solo or group plans

Effective solutions

Take a look below at some of our favorite strategies. It doesn’t matter your age and income, we have a solution that will work for you. Just take a look…

Services we offer:

Cash Balance & 401(k) Combo Plans

This is our most popular structure. Combine the flexibility of a 401(k) plan with large cash balance plan contributions.

Money Purchase Plus 401h

Looking for large contributions plus the ability for tax-free medical? A 401h plan might just be the best solution.

Mega Backdoor Roth 401(k)

Looking for big Roth contributions? This might be the plan for you. You can even combine it with a cash balance plan.

Fringe Benefit Plans

Looking for a medical reimbursement, tuition funding or deferred compensation plan? We have it all.

Prior Service Max

For people who are looking for maximum year one contributions. It’s not for everybody, but it can work great in the right situation.

Great Support

We know how to structure plans to achieve your goals. Contact us so we can create a custom illustration for you.

What our clients have to say…

Joshua RobersonJoshua Roberson
13:49 17 Feb 24
I'm a financial advisor. I found one of Paul's articles online addressing a problem I had with a client. It's difficult to find good information on the particular issue my client was facing. Paul's expertise is tremendous! If you are a business owner or an advisor serving business owner clients, I strongly encourage you to follow Paul's content.
Robert KnightRobert Knight
02:00 30 Dec 23
Paul was very responsive to my correspondence, patient answering my questions, friendly and very knowledgeable. Looking forward to next steps!
sushama scalerasushama scalera
22:44 19 Dec 23
Andrew WaltersAndrew Walters
18:40 30 Sep 23
A very professional team. If you’re a high income business owner, I’d definitely recommend setting up a retirement plan with Emparion.
Charlie JonesCharlie Jones
18:09 22 Sep 23
Everyone at Emparion is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. I learned a lot about the different kinds of retirement plans during my initial call with Paul, and we decided a cash balance plan would be beneficial for my situation. Nicole has great customer service and would get back to me same day when I had questions about the documents.
David LeslieDavid Leslie
20:08 14 Sep 23
I love Emparion. They did a number of scenarios for me, and ultimately I decided to use them to set up my plans. Their process is very streamlined, they ask all the right questions. In particular, Nicole was extremely professional and they completed the plan documents quick and efficiently, even at their busy time of the year. Thanks!
Amanda KavlakAmanda Kavlak
00:39 20 Feb 23
We contacted Emparion for a cash balance plan for our S-Corp. Paul understood our requirements, patiently answered all our questions, and built a plan accordingly. The setup process led by Nicole was also incredibly efficient.If you are a busy professional, look no further. Emparion team will take care of the entire process so that you can focus on what you do the best: running and building your business.Thanks Nicole, Paul, and the team.
Charles NguyenCharles Nguyen
16:27 17 Feb 23
Paul and his team are exceptional professionals in an increasingly crowded field. We normally work with Dedicated DB Services, and Emparion has blown them out of the water. The expertise, efficiency, and service are night and day. I needed to create a plan for one of my physician clients before their tax filing deadline. Paul and his team were able to nail our timelines and provided concreate updates along the way. This alleviated the anxiety from my client and instilled great confidence in our team. I would highly recommend Emparion to anyone.
Joseph DaoudJoseph Daoud
01:40 21 Dec 22
If you are looking to set up a Defined Benefit Plan/Cash Balance Plan with a profesional team, look no further!It was been a pleasure to work Nicole, Shelby, Casey and obviously Paul. They are not chasing new customers and will actually recommend you these products if they actually make sense for your specific situation.They are always available when you have a question. Their website has actual answers to questions you may have and I encourage everyone to read their blogs and videos on YouTube.
Anthony MAnthony M
07:36 04 Nov 22
Shelby was able to structure a good plan design for me. I think it’ll work well for my company for the next ten years when I plan to retire. I’m especially happy about the flexible funding schedule and the fact that I won’t be locked into a fixed contribution every year. Emparion has been a pleasure to work with.
Fons RidderbosFons Ridderbos
10:47 03 Nov 22
As a tax professional, I always look for good tax strategies for my clients. Emparion has one of the best structures for my clients because of their approach. They really look at these plans as an effective tax deferral for clients. In addition, they understand how to structure these plans for different entities. So it makes it very easy to walk clients through different scenarios and be able to pick the best one for each client.
Kylie McLeanKylie McLean
12:54 01 Nov 22
I enjoyed working with Emparion to structure my plan. Casey was great at explaining all the details and giving me some insight into how the plans are structured. I was concerned at first that they would be too complex to understand. Fortunately, Casey was able to make it simple for me. I think this plan will work out great.
Felicity FraserFelicity Fraser
10:36 19 Oct 22
I set up a plan with Emparion that was frontloaded. It helped me tremendously because I had a very high income that year and expected it to decline over the next several years. The design was very flexible and gave me the contributions I desired. Highly recommend.
Andrea HendersonAndrea Henderson
06:58 11 Oct 22
I have been making more money in recent years, so I knew I had to do something. My best approach was to set up a defined benefit plan because of my age and income. I was happy that I could manage my own funds and didn’t have to worry about paying fees to a financial advisor.
JD SigmanJD Sigman
18:37 09 Oct 22
Amazing! Super responsive. Was stuck in a really tough situation and Emparion was able to provide a solution that no other provider could manage. Thank yoU!
Dylan NeelDylan Neel
05:57 28 Sep 22
My financial advisor recommended that I set up a plan. I didn’t know much about them, so Emparion walked me through the process and made the design simple. I appreciate their time with me, my financial advisor, and my CPA. Without everybody involved in the process, it would’ve made it too challenging to complete.
Matthew BettisMatthew Bettis
05:22 27 Sep 22
The setup process was very streamlined. I got a couple of illustrations and shared them with my CPA. Thankfully, I could customize the plan to meet my business. They were very helpful in the setup process and walked me through everything. Shelby was especially great to deal with during the onboarding process.
Isabella LyonsIsabella Lyons
05:49 26 Sep 22
My income has been getting higher in recent years, and my tax liability has been increasing as a result. Casey was able to structure a plan for me where I could frontload some of the contribution to take advantage of the tax deduction. It’s helped me tremendously with my tax liability and retirement savings because I’m a little bit behind. I look forward to working with Emparion over the years to get my retirement account back where it should be.
Zak ChanZak Chan
11:15 19 Sep 22
I was referred to Emparion by a friend of mine. They were able to help me structure a plan within a few days and get it funded for 2021. No other providers out there were able to help me at the deadline. I am very appreciative.
Steven TresslerSteven Tressler
05:42 13 Sep 22
I chose an Emparion plan because I needed a big current tax deduction. Because I had a significantly higher salary in the current year, I was able to front load the plan. I'm thrilled with how well it turned out.
Daniel TurnbullDaniel Turnbull
05:35 22 Aug 22
I was happy to get a great tax structure in place. I saved probably $50k in tax so I was happy with the results. I hope to have a plan set up for at least 7 years, so the tax savings should be excellent. I am glad my CPA told me about these plans and recommended Emparion as an administrator.
Jacob WunderlyJacob Wunderly
08:11 13 Jul 22
My colleague suggested checking out Emparion to know more about retirement structures. I visited their website and I must mention, that the website has each and every information that I needed. I landed on a complete guide to the Defined Benefit Plans that included Strategies and Pitfalls. I immediately approached them and the team responded fast. The consultation went really well and it was a great help having such experienced and amazing support during my retirement to secure the future.
Julian CarrJulian Carr
07:43 06 Jul 22
I wasn’t sure about the process and the plan structure. I approached a few companies that do these plans. Finally, I approached Emparion and they were very helpful throughout the process. They understood my concerns. I am happy with their service.
Alexander PeakeAlexander Peake
07:24 24 May 22
Until I discovered Emparion, I was trying to do everything myself and it was not working. Emparion was a game-changer and it can help you find an optimum strategy for your circumstances and goals for retiring.
Shawn GarnerShawn Garner
10:36 12 May 22
When I came to Emparion, I was concerned about trying to commit to something at a high level of funding. I was not aware that I could fund at a minimum, maximum, and target level. This set my mind at ease and made me feel comfortable that I can find a plan for the long term. I’m in a high tax bracket and always looking for more tax deductions.
Ruth HendersonRuth Henderson
05:08 29 Apr 22
I already had a SEP in place. Fortunately, I did not contribute to it because I didn’t really understand the combination rules. They help me out a lot and kept me out of trouble. Highly recommend.
Sheri CampoSheri Campo
07:19 22 Apr 22
I appreciate the fact that they looked at my tax situation were able to help me analyze the tax savings. My CPA didn’t really know much about these plans so it was nice to be able to coordinate a conference call.
Mitchell StanleyMitchell Stanley
05:17 19 Apr 22
These guys are very quick with the plan set up. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get a plan in place by the end of the year, but I didn’t have much of a problem. In addition, I was very pleased with the onboarding process. I wasn’t exactly sure what investment custodian I should you use but they helped out a lot.
Shekhar ChandShekhar Chand
22:26 30 Mar 22
I did not know anything about tax planning before I contacted Emparion. They were very informative and the plan I set up is saving me thousands on taxes. thank you
Nikki MattssonNikki Mattsson
22:20 15 Mar 22
I’ve had such a great experience with the Emparion team so far! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get my retirement plan sorted out before the filing deadline, but they were able to set it up so quickly. It was also nice to have an on-boarding call, as I was able to get all of my questions answered. Shelby is very friendly and has been a huge help to me throughout the set up process.
Jason WhitesmithJason Whitesmith
23:36 28 Feb 22
Setting up my cash balance plan with Emparion was quick and easy. The guidance I received throughout the process was great, and any questions I had were answered in a timely manner. Paul has great expertise in this field of work. Not to mention the set up price was cheaper than I had been quoted elsewhere, which is always a plus! Would definitely recommend Emparion's services.
Robert WilliamsRobert Williams
18:24 20 Nov 21
Paul is great to work with and definitely knows his stuff. He made a complex issue very easy to understand and got us set up in no time at all. It has been a pleasure to work with such a professional.
Kyle ScholnickKyle Scholnick
00:35 14 Jan 21
Working with Emparion and Paul was a fantastic business decision. Customer service is absolutely next level and I have honestly felt like family. Paul's expertise is the best in the business and as someone who has worked with many accountants, he is the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have read Paul's articles for years on tax planning and they were always more advanced and comprehensive than anything else I read. I never thought I would have the privilege of working with him, but I am very lucky to have the opportunity to do so. I feel taken care of, secure and know I am doing everything to stay in compliance. After shopping through many different plan administrators for cash balance plans there is absolutely no comparison. Emparion has the best product, customer service and the best pricing. Thank you Emparion and Thank you Paul!
Keith FinkelsteinKeith Finkelstein
18:23 18 Nov 20
Emparion has saved my clients literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes. I run a financial advisory firm with high net worth individuals and Emparion's retirement plan administration is integral to my planning process. It is amazing how your average CPA or advisor has never even heard of the Cash Balance plan -- let alone mastered it like Emparion. Paul and Shelby do a great job, and I can't recommend their services enough.
L AdwaniL Adwani
20:32 23 Oct 20
I came to them to assist me with some retirement structuring. The main reason was that I know they are not custodians or financial advisors. They purely act as administrators with a tax focus. That was the reason why my plan was structured so well was because I was not looking for someone to provide investment advice. I was looking for a consultant.Most administrators that I’ve talked to look at these plans from a compliance standpoint. That is always important but I want to make sure that my plan is structured to be tax efficient and that it will work for me and my business.Thank you Emparion for the amazing work!
00:45 18 Sep 20
Manuel RobinManuel Robin
18:12 07 Jul 20
I had no idea what I was doing before I contacted Emparion. Filled out the contact form just looking for answers and before I knew it my plan was done. Very good work from the guys at Emparion!
Ross BoyleRoss Boyle
22:55 04 Jul 20
These guys were the best to work with! It was nice to get some tax advice as well. Highly recommend.
John WallJohn Wall
22:45 24 Jun 20
Found out about Emparion through a YouTube ad. It's the real deal! Process was seamless and my plan was set up incredibly fast.
Angela S.Angela S.
02:08 21 Jun 20
I needed my plan set up quickly because I had to get it funded. They got it set up fast and helped with the custodian account at Fidelity. It was a smooth process.

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Complete onboarding process

Once the structure is in place, we complete your plan documents and then schedule an onboarding call so we can walk you through the plan documents and assist with your investment accounts.

Fund your plan

Now you are ready to fund your plan, select your own investments and coordinate your contribution deduction with your CPA. It’s as simple as that.

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We have been structuring plans for years. Rest assured that you have a team of professionals in place to handle your plan administration.


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